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  • Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time for deals and discount offers.
  • Outlet Mall is a factory outlet mall with many international and local brands having their factory outlet stores, with discounts going upto 70 %. The best day to go is a Monday, as they is additional offers on Monday.
  • Factory outlets for brands such as Giordano, Adidas & other brands are available in the city (Search for Factory outlets in the shopping section of Travex
  • Best deals on branded luggage bags are available at Carrefour Supermarkets
  • GITEX is the best time for electronic shopping
  • A lot of beauty, bath and fashion products are sold at discount prices at the Ramadan Night Market every year during Ramadan
  • Avoid buying souvenirs from malls. The best place to buy souvenirs would be at market places such as Al Karama, Diera, and also a few warehouses in Al Quoz.
  • Top souvenir must buys would be gold, Arabic perfume, Dates, Spices and Dry fruits, Camel Milk Chocolate, Shisha, Arabic antiques and probably a local designer dress.

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When you are heading back home after an amazing holiday in Dubai, what could possibly be a better souvenir than a timeless dress that made its appearance almost 1400 years ago and continues to be popular around the world even today?

Abaya traces its origins to the Suras and Aayats in the Holy Quran, as part of the sartorial guidelines that urged the Muslim women to guard their modesty through proper dressing.  Abaya, essentially an Islamic dress for females, resembles a cloak-like, loose-fitting over garment that covers the entire body except the face, hands and feet.  It is often worn with a Niqab, a veil, to conceal all of the face except the eyes.

The first Abayas are thought to have originated in the eastern regions of Saudi Arabia and had ‘long’ and ‘black’ as the essential qualities. However, the contemporary Abayas explore several interesting options in styles, materials and even colors to bring in a touch of fashion and yet adhere to the guidelines of privacy.

While the creative expressions in the modern day Abayas reflect the changing times, the outer garment continues to remain respectful and non-compromising on faith. This probably explains the appeal that Abaya holds for the young and connected crowd, as well as the approval it gets from the traditional and sensitive quarters.  Till recently, women of the Gulf had always restricted their sense of fashion to close-family and same-gender events. However, with experiments in fabric, embellishments and designs that infuse individuality in to this otherwise anonymous cloak, women are donning the ‘evolved’ Abayas as fashionwear in public and during travel.

Dubbed ‘Abaya as fashion’, the new Abaya is a captivating expression of style through a variety of cuts, cloths, and colors, all decked with a multitude of beads, crystals, tinsel, sequins, and stones.  Giving impetus to this movement, events like the Hya Abaya Exhibition do their bit to help the designers showcase their creativity with Abayas and attract thousands of fashion conscious women from across the gulf world.

Some of the most popular design trends in fashion Abayas include fluid circle skirts, batwings, cascade or crossover drapes, maxi shirt collars, kimono sleeves, asymmetric plackets, yolk pleats, smocked waists, and capes.  In terms of fabric Jersey and Knit, Nahda, Rayon and Dupioni rank high for their respective qualities of breathability, free flow and luster.

If you had the time to visit just one place to buy a fashion Abaya in Dubai, the Abaya Mall at Mirdif, near uptown, is the place you should steer for.  With possibly the largest selection of Abayas in Dubai, ranging from designer to Arabic formal to evening wear to casual, the Abaya Mall has over 100 shops that offer the attire in countless forms and fabrics as well as the stylish accessories that go with it.