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  • At a minimum a spa should offer a relaxing environment, robe and slippers, soothing music, and high quality spa treatments.
  • Many Spas offer combo offers. Make sure you get the best deals.
  • At a minimum a spa should offer a relaxing environment, robe and slippers, soothing music, and high quality spa treatments.
  • Many Spas offer combo offers. Make sure you get the best deals

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If you ask Google what a spa is, it’ll give you generic answer such as: “a mineral spring considered to have health-giving properties.” While this does ring true, it completely undermines what spas are actually all about; because they are so much more than that. Spas are an experience of calm, bliss & serenity. A place where we go to relieve ourselves of stress, pain, ache & any other discomfort, be it physical or mental.

Not all spas provide similar experiences as every spa wants to have an identity of its own; even if the services generally might appear to be the same. And this is exactly where Amara Spa shines. Situated in the gorgeous Park Hyatt Dubai at Dubai Creek, this spa caters to you a unique Jewel approach. The Amara concierge customizes your experience using the ancient healing philosophies of Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond. These precious jewels, each with its own physical and spiritual benefits, combined with the finest products, Arabian teas and authentic delicacies, ensure a personalized experience.

You might be a little lost as to how these jewels will help the spa in relaxing you. Let me break it down for you:

  • Sapphire naturally initiates serenity, peace & harmony and hence it allows you to relax, distress & calm.
  • Ruby regenerates and restores youthful vitality and hence it allows you to revitalize, defy age & protect.
  • Emerald encourages physical cleansing and emotional healing and hence it allows you to detoxify, cleanse & heal.
  • Diamond promotes clarity and stabilizes physical & emotional imbalance and hence it allows you to energize, clarify & revive.

From rejuvenating facials (such as Citrus Vitamin Essence, Phyto-Aramic Soothing, Oxygen Fusion Facial, Diamond Life Energy Facial & much more) to reinvigorating massages (such as Amara Massage, Chiro-Golf Massage, Volcanic Hot Stone Massage, Botanical Arabic Massage & much more), Amara Spa offers a complete tranquil experience that you will, hopefully, never forget. And along with these services, Amara Spa also provides its customers with Spa Packages to suit your every need and mood. Amara Couple Journey, Detox Package, Mother to-be Package, Hen Half Day Group Package & more are some of the different packages you can expect from the spa; each of them unique and serving a completely different experience.

Amara Spa not only boasts some of the highest quality brands available (such as Natura Bissé, Anne Semonin, Hommage & more) in combination with prodigious services but also encapsulates all of it in an epic 5-Star ambience of Park Hyatt. The experience is extraordinary and something that we highly recommend. One must definitely experience such pure luxury at least once in their lifetime.

Then keep going again & again.