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  • The Museum parking area and nearby public parking areas are available (relatively few)
  • Do not self drive to museums and heritage sites as they are located in crowded old city areas and parking is a scarcity there; you are rather advised to use public transport.
  • Wear easy to slip in and out footwear as many places would need you to remove your footwear.

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Living and working in the Middle East, we are blessed with the endless beautiful breath taking deserts. After visitors and residents alike have tried out the ‘top ten things to do’ lists which the city has to offer one activity that never gets worn out is BBQ and camping in the desert.

Each trip is different and each day in the desert offers a new sunset, sunrise, landscape, stories, sights, sounds, smells and memories, so it is no surprise that camping in the desert is an on-going activity. Each person has their own favourite spot, their secret spot, or a place where like-minded people gather to share an evening relaxing, chatting and live grill food and drinks.

There is no better feeling than packing up some camping equipment, tents, sleeping bags, foldable chairs, tables, basic essentials, a sweater in case it gets chilly, and of course some food home-made marinated meat, salad, and some chips. Once you have organized who brings what and how many 4x4s you need, then decide on a time to meet, preferably early evening, meet up at a centrally based gas station closest to your camp side and get ready for some off-roading fun and adventure.

The country is 80 percent desert so there is for sure no shortage of places to explore or talk about. However here are some of the favourites we have narrowed it down to.

Our first choice would be to go to Big Red (coordinates: 24.960083, 55.717964) the enormous terracotta-coloured dune. There is a lot of activity that goes on here as it is popular for off-roading and quad biking. If it is too crowded there are plenty of places in around this dune to set up camp and settle in for the night.

If you want a camping spot with a Wadi (water pool) then try Wadi Madbah (coordinates: 24.093114, 56.127330). This spot is said to be easy to get to and offers many spots for camping and BBQing. Since the weather is getting hotter, you might want to try a cooler camping spot higher up in the mountains in a place such as Jebel Yibir (coordinates: 25.647246, 56.129738), said to be the highest peak in the UAE, almost 1,350 in height.

Other spots include the famous Al Gharbia area (coordinate: 24.121591, 53.455835) where the annual kite surfing competition takes place. This place has a lot of activities going on so once you set up camp you can enjoy any activity you have planned or have experience in.

The furthest camping site we can suggest is in Liwa closest to the Abu Dhabi Emirate. This trip is not for everyone as it is about 4 hours away from Dubai. The camping site is just by the world’s biggest sand dune. This trip demands that you go in a group as we don’t suggest going solo. But once you make the arrangements this trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So start getting your rubbish bags, toilet rolls, first aid kit, matches, newspapers, firewood, GPS and other camping essentials together and look forward to a drive out of Dubai this weekend.