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The Summer is getting too hot to handle? We’ve got you covered! Covered with Ice & Water!

Summer in Dubai? Doesn’t feel like it!

Top 6 Places to visit for Pocket- friendly Dubai Trip!

Kite Surfing

Dubai: A Tourist’s Habitual Holiday Destination

Bollywood Park


IMG Worlds of Adventure

Wind Surfing

Dubai Ice Rink

Cruising on the waters of Dubai

Dubai summer getaway on a budget


Indoor skydiving


BBQ and Camping in the Desert

Traditional Dhow

Dubai Summer Surprises – experience it to believe it

Dubai Kidz zones

Dubai Golf Creek Club

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo


Ski Dubai

Dubai- The ideal ‘Destination wedding’


Wild Wadi

Meydan Racecourse


Big Bus Tours

Desert Drive

Hot Air Balloon Adventures

Pearl Fishing

Global Village

Dubai - A Destination for Couples


On Top of Burj Khalifa

JBR-The Walk

Gourmet Bus

Crab Hunting

Dubai Fountain

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  • The Museum parking area and nearby public parking areas are available (relatively few)
  • Do not self drive to museums and heritage sites as they are located in crowded old city areas and parking is a scarcity there; you are rather advised to use public transport.
  • Wear easy to slip in and out footwear as many places would need you to remove your footwear.

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Camel racing has been a pastime of the Bedouins for centuries and legends about the camel’s endurance and ability can be found in Bedouin poetry.  When tribes visited each other, the men would usually hold a small race or ardha before entering the tents to meet the people and share coffee and dates.

Today, camel racing is still a part of the Bedouin and Emirati lifestyle. Currently, there are approximately 14,000 active racing camels in the UAE, which require large numbers of people to maintain them and train them for racing.   The former president of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed, endorsed camel racing and provided financial support for citizens who are caretakers of camels.

Traditional jockeys have been replaced with remote, electronic ones in official races, but you can still see locals riding and racing with the most coveted race being the King's Cup in Dubai.  Training and racing in Dubai can be seen in Sayli just off Highway 66 toward Al Ain.  To find out when and where the races are held, you can visit the Dubai Racing Club page at http://www.dcrc.ae/.