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  • Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time for deals and discount offers.
  • Outlet Mall is a factory outlet mall with many international and local brands having their factory outlet stores, with discounts going upto 70 %. The best day to go is a Monday, as they is additional offers on Monday.
  • Factory outlets for brands such as Giordano, Adidas & other brands are available in the city (Search for Factory outlets in the shopping section of Travex
  • Best deals on branded luggage bags are available at Carrefour Supermarkets
  • GITEX is the best time for electronic shopping
  • A lot of beauty, bath and fashion products are sold at discount prices at the Ramadan Night Market every year during Ramadan
  • Avoid buying souvenirs from malls. The best place to buy souvenirs would be at market places such as Al Karama, Diera, and also a few warehouses in Al Quoz.
  • Top souvenir must buys would be gold, Arabic perfume, Dates, Spices and Dry fruits, Camel Milk Chocolate, Shisha, Arabic antiques and probably a local designer dress.

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In spite of appearing dry and shrivelled, the best dry fruits of the world not only refresh you with their sweet and juicy content but also leave you craving for more. To taste some of the finest varieties, you can make a trip to Saudi Arabia for dates, US for almonds and raisins, Aegina for pistachios, Turkey for apricots, Egypt for figs, Serbia for prunes, Iran for walnuts, Azerbaijan for hazelnuts and Canada for blueberries. Or, you could go shopping in Dubai, where you will find the best of dry fruits from all across the world in one place.

Before you set out on your dry fruits shopping in Dubai, a little information about them will help you know and pick the right ones. Stop by the raisins display, observe a while and look for the differences between the dark seedless sun-dried raisins, large and brown Muscat raisins, oven-dried golden raisins, the flavoursome, softer and sweeter Sultana, very dark, small aromatic currants, and flame raisins that are slightly larger, deep red with a strong, flavour. Almonds are usually not marked by different names but they are of two types: the sweet variety is consumed as dry fruits, while the bitter variety is used in the food preparations. As for dates, they can be soft, semi-dry or dry, the list of must-taste includes exotic names such as Khadrawi, Khastawi, Mabroom, Medjool, Sagai, Sukkary, Safawit and so on.

Dubai has a wide variety of dry fruits and nuts shops and the quality tends to be equally good almost everywhere, with the differences being in the packaging and shopping experience. Dubai Spice Souk or the fruit and vegetable market opposite the gold souks in Deira is a good place where you can touch and feel the dry fruits laid out in huge open gunny bags and buy according to your taste. The place may be crowded and you will have to bear the heat, but for a real local experience, this is the best choice.

If you are looking for some elegant packaging, probably for gifting, you should head for shops like Abshar Iranian Sweets situated on Jumeirah Beach Road, Wadi Zabeel at Al Satwa Road-Satwa, Yousif Abdul Aziz Thyme & Herbs opposite Al Satwa Bus Station-Satwa and Red Mountain Supermarket at Al Khor Street-Deira, LuLu Hypermarket in Al Barsha and Geant Hypermarket at Dragon Mall.