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  • During this time it is prohibited to eat, drink, or smoke in public, and as such, most of the city’s public clubs, casinos and restaurants are closed.
  • There is zero tolerance for drinking or appearing drunk in public, so plan on eating out without the addition of alcohol.

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Located at City Walk, Jumeirah, the Farzi Café run by the father and son duo Jiggs Kalra and Zorawar Kalra, is a contemporary restaurant is a different world where food finds a new meaning. Opened in partnership with Crossroad Hospitality LLC, the café gives a modern tweak to the dishes without losing the love for rustic and pastoral food.  Starting from the recipes to the unique presentation, everything at Farzi Café is an unique epicurean experience.

As you enter the restaurant, all your senses will be enveloped by the aroma of Indian cuisine mingling with the flavours of other cuisines.  Retro style lights and projection lights greet you to a place where dishes are presented on perfectly carved logs, marble slabs, miniature trucks, telephone boxes and wooden trucks while your bill awaits you in an old school typewriter. The décor is touched upon by the latest trends from the ceiling to the floor with a play of maroon, gold and beige hues. It has both an indoor and outdoor dining area where you can relish the unique blend of food, amidst a play of liquid nitrogen used in the presentation of a number of dishes.

The restaurant has a few cocktails and other drinks that are worth mentioning like the Ananas Orbit or Pina Colada, Irish Haze, Bootlegger, a berry drink and Karak Chai Soda spiced with cinnamon. As for appetizers, some of the most intriguing items are the Raj Kachori covered in chilli lime foam with crispy okra salad, yoghurt and chutney, Amuse Bouche, a berry and yoghurt compote, Tandoori Mushroom with garlic, walnuts and truffle haze, Spicy Veggie Slider,  Dal Chawal Arancini, an Indian take on risotto, Chilly Cheese Kulcha and Pani Puri with an Arabic tweak.

The Deconstructed Shepherd’s Pie is something that will leave you craving for more with juicy beef, potato and beetroot crisps served artistically. Other recipes are Deboiled Quail Egg, Chilli Spiked Beef Toasties, Khousey, Mutton Pepper Fry, Burmese Khao Suay, Labneh, Zaatar and Lacha Paratha and Pepper Mutton. As for desserts, Rasmalai Tres Leches served with rose petal net and carrot cream, Firni oxide and cottage cheese tart are worth trying. As you wonder at the alchemy of food at Farzi Cafe, you come across a well-trained staff who can walk you through all the recipes and share some secrets of what goes into the making of each recipe laid before you.