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  • The Museum parking area and nearby public parking areas are available (relatively few)
  • Do not self drive to museums and heritage sites as they are located in crowded old city areas and parking is a scarcity there; you are rather advised to use public transport.
  • Wear easy to slip in and out footwear as many places would need you to remove your footwear.

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Dubai is a beautiful city, no doubt. Its towering buildings, grand roads, humongous malls, downtown lifestyle and so much more are the epitome of what a modern, civilized city should be like. But a city isn’t complete without a natural backdrop. After all, that is where the city was built from.

Unlike Fujairah and Al Ain, Dubai doesn’t have big mountain chains or natural greenery to its name. What it does have is beautiful and vast dunes of yellow and red sand. You might wonder how sand can be beautiful, and that would be a valid question. Our answer to that is perspective. Via perception, anything can be beautiful. Possibly you might have gone on Desert Safaris or seen the vast sand dunes from the roadside you were travelling on; but you will have never had the chance to see the dunes from such a glorious view; from such a different perspective.

Welcome to the world of Hot Air Balloons. With just a 30 minute drive from Burj Khalifa, you too can experience the majestic ride of a Hot Air Balloon as it towers over the endless dunes, green oases and native wild life all the while witnessing the breathtaking view along with a grand sunrise over the Hajjar Mountains off in the horizon. With some of the most experienced personnel present, your ride couldn’t be in safer hands.

The balloon takes off early in the morning, to catch the alluring sunrise as it fills the dark skies above with light; a beautiful sight to behold, most definitely. Along with that, early morning provides the best flying conditions. Plus the cool and serene ambiance enhances the magnificent views, the incredible landscapes and your experience. The balloon has a designated take off site in the desert off from Dubai – Al Ain Road in the area of The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. You then fly over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, home to many indigenous species like the Oryx and Gazelles.

You’ll get to spend about one hour all the way up in the skies. It’s advisable to wear loose clothing. In the winter months, carrying a jacket or a cardigan is necessary. Bring along a sun hat or cap to enjoy the experience unscathed.  Along with spending one hour in the skies, every other arrangement and the whole outing itself will take about four hours with limited access to rest rooms. And finally, the balloon flies with the wind, so you can expect different views on different days, all based on the wind direction.

To experience this wanderlust, you can contact Balloon Adventures Emirates (+971 4 285 4949).