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  • Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time for deals and discount offers.
  • Outlet Mall is a factory outlet mall with many international and local brands having their factory outlet stores, with discounts going upto 70 %. The best day to go is a Monday, as they is additional offers on Monday.
  • Factory outlets for brands such as Giordano, Adidas & other brands are available in the city (Search for Factory outlets in the shopping section of Travex
  • Best deals on branded luggage bags are available at Carrefour Supermarkets
  • GITEX is the best time for electronic shopping
  • A lot of beauty, bath and fashion products are sold at discount prices at the Ramadan Night Market every year during Ramadan
  • Avoid buying souvenirs from malls. The best place to buy souvenirs would be at market places such as Al Karama, Diera, and also a few warehouses in Al Quoz.
  • Top souvenir must buys would be gold, Arabic perfume, Dates, Spices and Dry fruits, Camel Milk Chocolate, Shisha, Arabic antiques and probably a local designer dress.

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The first and original Meena Bazaar was started in India in the 16th century as a shopping event meant exclusively for the royal members of Moguls. The emperors, sultans, nawabs, rajputs and other nobility would wander about the stalls set up within the palace, picking up whatever caught their fancy. The goods were understandably sold at royal prices and the proceedings went to charity.

Cut to the modern times, Meena Bazaar has become a generic term for any lively market that bustles with a variety of goods and traders. And the Meena Bazaar of Dubai is the most famous one in the world, thronged by locals and tourists looking for a great bargain. Earlier known as the Cosmos Lane, the Meena Bazaar is situated in Bur Dubai, close to the Dubai Museum and the Bastakiya quarters. The Bazaar is best explored by foot and the 50B Street near Dubai Museum and Khalid Bin Walid Street are the best approach routes. You could also walk down from the Al Fahidi station on your way to the museum.

Shops scattered throughout the by-lanes, lanes and main road are open from 10:00 am till 1.00 pm and from 4:00 pm till about 10:00 pm; on Fridays the timing starts at 2.00 pm. The “10 Dirham” shops, where anything in the shop costs AED 10, vie for attention with the high-fashion dresses, luxury watches, and gold jewellery outlets.

The price of Gold in Dubai is controlled and is the same everywhere; however, the shops in Meena Bazaar cut down heavily on the per-gram jewellery making chargers, making the end-prices real attractive as compared to other places.  Ethnic garments’ shopping is the second hot favourite among the multitude that looks to find that “something special” during the Dubai visit. Quite understandably, women’s dresses, especially Indian and Pakistani suits/kurtis and embroidered silks, top the list of things to take back home from Dubai’s Meena Bazaar. 

Other favourites include textile shops and custom-tailoring shops for men’s suits that cost much less than in other global cities. Cultural gifts, Arabian perfumes, spices, dry fruits, date chocolates, glazed ceramics, trinkets and shawls are some good choices to buy in Meena Bazaar as ethnics souvenirs from Dubai. Home electronics like LED TVs, mobile phones and computers should also feature in the shoppers list, as these are sold at unbeatable prices. If you are into replicas or “1st copy” of luxury brand watches and handbags, Meena Bazaar has an endless supply – be wary of the touts on the Bazaar’s streets though. 

Remember to haggle for all the prices in Meena Bazaar shops with a smile - it will only get wider as you walk out with a great bargain.