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Dubai, as a city, is known for many things – healthcare is slowly becoming one of them. To get a more in-depth look into the health sector of Dubai, we interviewed a few key people from the health industry.

“Dubai understands that healthcare is not simply about providing first-class hospitals, because health facilities are only one element of the wellness ecosystem. That’s why Dubai positions itself as an end-to-end experience: from a convenient global aviation hub, to premier hospitality facilities for medical tourists, to advanced medical facilities and lastly world-leading leisure and wellness attractions to ease the recovery period. A happiness-driven approach ensures all-round well-being for patients’ families and caregivers, which in turn gives medical tourists peace of mind and enhances recovery”, Dr. Hassan Dawood, Vice Chairman & Group Deputy CEO of Alsayegh Media, said about Dubai’s role as a Health and Fitness destination.

He added, “Dubai faces similar health challenges to other advanced societies worldwide, namely chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, as well as lifestyle-related challenges such as obesity.

However, Dubai has quickly put emphasis on prevention and not merely treatment, by heavily investing in numerous research initiatives and public awareness campaigns. This is executed in parallel with upgrades in medical technology and specialized skills.”  

When asked about what role does the Dubai Health Authority play in ensuring that Dubai stays at the forefronts of Health and Fitness, Dr. Layla Al Marzouqi, Director of Health Regulation and Dubai Medical Tourism Project, DHA, had the following to say, “The Dubai Health Authority has chalked out an in-depth health strategy 2016-2021 for the emirate of Dubai. The strategy has immediate, mid and long-term initiatives to focus on a number of health areas; prevention and health education is one of the focus areas.  Public education on healthcare issues as well as early interventional policies is vital and we are working with various stakeholders in the private and public sector to achieve this.”

She added, “The DHA’s nutritional department works with all stakeholders and organizes regular health awareness campaigns that focus on a number of health topics from healthy eating to fitness and wellbeing. Our message to the community is that regular exercise and healthy eating should become a part of everyone’s daily life – both these habits are the cornerstone to achieve good health. We would also like to educate them about the importance of regular health screenings. Dubai has a number of beaches, dedicated cycling tracks, parks and jogging tracks as well as fitness clubs and classes that people can make use of. Dubai offers these opportunities to the public and we encourage them to make use of it.”

Dr. Hassan Dawood concluded the interview by adding, “Dubai Health Authority is driving Dubai’s vision of becoming the leading city for health tourism, and welcoming global visitors to first-class facilities by 2020. We anticipate further milestones in health innovations, while the attractive Dubai lifestyle will attract even more world-renowned professionals. All this should boost a people-driven social movement towards healthier lifestyles.”