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  • The Museum parking area and nearby public parking areas are available (relatively few)
  • Do not self drive to museums and heritage sites as they are located in crowded old city areas and parking is a scarcity there; you are rather advised to use public transport.
  • Wear easy to slip in and out footwear as many places would need you to remove your footwear.

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In today’s world it is possible to try almost any experience if you are in the right place and at the right time. However, some to the wonderful city of Dubai where all dreams are possible and you can get your adrenaline fixed without a doubt.

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city and this advantage of having a mix of cultures, has seen almost every imagination sport brought over to Dubai. Parasailing is one such activity.

In Dubai we are blessed with sunny weather most of the year which makes it ideal to go to the beach and try out door sports of every kind.

Parasailing, is also known as parascending, is a fun activity where a person or two can ride together and is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while attached to a parachute. The boat then drives off, carrying the parascender into the air. It is one of the most perfect ways to see your city from an aerial view. Grab your go-pro and get ready to make some memories. Breath-taking views of the ocean and endless beaches make for an unforgettable view.

While Parasailing in Dubai you are towed behind a boat while attached with a specially designed parachute in the air. You lift up into the air slowly when boat drives off. The parasailing in Dubai is just a recreational ride and it has nothing to do with the original paragliding sport. Once you book the tour you can expect parasailing of 10-15 minutes while flying 200 meter above from the sea.

Ideally this sport is for children from the age of 6 years and above and 2-3 participants can be on one trip. However, if you want to enjoy a non- experienced family oriented parasailing in Dubai along with children of age 6+ then there are licensed captains who are well familiar with PAPO (Professional Association of Parasail Operators) standards to assist your parasailing.

  • Before you book, sit is important to check the weather forecast. If the weather should turn out not so favourable, then don’t worry as parasailing is available every day of the week.
  • Please note that pregnant ladies, People with back problems, senior citizens with heart conditions and infants are not recommended to go for Parasailing in Dubai.
  • Once you have figured out how and when you want to try parasailing then get your beach wear and head to the beach you made your booking in and prepare to feel like a falcon!

You can try it in Dubai at any Adventure Sports location which suits you; Dubai +971 4 399 90 05, Ras Al Khaimah +971 50 321 88 40, Fujairah +971 50 464 30 15 and Sharjah  +971 50 321 88 40 or +971 50 464 30 15. Log on to www.adventuresports.ae for more details.

Another alternative is the Asia Pacific Travels and Tourism. You could call them on +971 4 2950516 or visit their website www.apttdubai.com for more information.