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  • All hotels have supermarkets and grocery store around them, so you could avoid spending a bomb on consuming water, beverages and other snacks from the mini bar
  • Most hotels have local laundry services around as well, so use them for a saving some cash.
  • Many hotels do not allow guest after certain times, so please ensure you check that in case you are expecting guest at odd hours
  • Visiting guest are required to deposit/ or and show a valid ID - Emirates Id (resident) or Passport (tourist).

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Every major city in the world has a skyline that every resident or traveller urns to see and to take pictures of and take home as a souvenir, however only a few cities can boast and compare to be as impressive as the skyline of the city of Dubai.

Over the past 44 years Dubai has been adamant in its growth plans and ideas, always looking to be innovative and fresh with its building ideas and developments. Almost every kind of building imaginable can be found in Dubai either completely constructed or in its pipeline plans for the future.

Of course it is no surprise then that Dubai built the world’s tallest tower in the world standing at 828 meters tall. The magnitude of that building is awe inspiring, pictures of the Burj Khalifa is all over the world, on magazines, online and offline. Even as residents, the Burj Khalifa is out of this world, and the custodians of the building know this as well as they always plan something new and exciting for major celebrations such as New Years’ Day or National Day.

Coming in second is the world’s tallest residential building the Princess Tower at 413 meters and in third is the World’s tallest hotel JW Marriott Marquis Dubai at 321 meters. All three of these towering structures are located on the renowned Sheikh Zayed Road. Other building on this stretch is the Rose Tower, also known as Rose Rayhaan by Rotana, or the world’s second tallest hotel, at 333 meters.

A drive along the highway is a must-do no matter if it is morning or evening, but we do suggest the evening as the illumination of these skycrapers and the others beside it are an image you will never forget no matter where in the world you travel to after.

Move away from Sheikh Zayed Road and the next set of skyscrapers you will see are located at Dubai Marina. Two of which are the Marina Torch at 352 meters and the Cayan Tower standing high at 307 meters.

Another must-see is the world's only 7 star hotel and the third tallest hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab. Its height is 321 meters and a definite landmark when visiting the city of Dubai so make your way to Jumeriah and make sure you take your pictures with this magnificent structure.

Dubai is a city of sun and sand and its buildings are part of its charm, and the skyline keeps getting better, so make sure in life and in Dubai you keep looking up.