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Dubai - A Cosmopolitan Oasis

The World Migration Report of 2015 marked Dubai as the most cosmopolitan city in the world. The city has warmly welcomed citizens from all across the globe and has provided the best of hospitality to attract more and more people every year. Dubai shelters a population of 2,545,337 of which the majority are expatriates. People from countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Nepal, China, Egypt and Philippines have found their way into the heart of this ever-bustling city, forming 58% of th..Read More

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Expo 2020

As we all very well know, Expo 2020 will be hosted by Dubai and the preparation for the same has been running rampant ever since the announcement. Probably even before it. But how exactly will Expo 2020 affect the business environment of Dubai? What changes will it bring and how are the businesses of Dubai, preparing for the grand event? I could’ve answered most of this myself, but something tells me that the answers will hold more weight when answered by industry veterans. And so I did..Read More

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Dubai is renowned the world over as an ideal place for business growth due to its central location where the East meets the West, thereby making it an international hub. In keeping with this growth Dubai’s landscape keeps evolving to accommodate all businesses, however one particular business district stands out and that is the Dubai International Financial Centre or fondly known by UAE residents as DIFC. It’s nestled in a central business area near the Dubai World Trade Centre an..Read More

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Spice Trade in the UAE

History Although the Spice Souk in Dubai only dates back to1850’s, spice trade in the Middle East goes as far back as 3000BC. It started as a land trade by caravan spice traders’ moved their goods across the Arabian Gulf.  Later trade by ship took over as the main route for spices to move from one country to the next. Today we know that 70% of the world’s spices come from India. Back then, spice traders or middle men would keep secret its origins, in part to protect the..Read More

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Dubai as a Business Destination

Dubai is a city brimming with opportunities. There are chances around every corner. You just need to know where to look; and how to get there. So you’ve decided you want to be an entrepreneur in this hustling bustling city of Dubai. That is not a bad idea. Dubai is more than welcoming of new businesses in its vast market that reaches thousands, nay millions of people. Dubai has become one of the largest international hubs and platforms for businesses to launch and reach out to even more..Read More

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Dubai World Central

Striking gold in the aviation industry. Development and Dubai go hand in hand with the Emirate standing unrivaled on the path to prosperity. Every vision foreseen is extraordinary and its results laudable. One such endeavor is the Dubai World Central (DWC) which aims to strengthen the Emirate's position as a logistics and trade hub. It connects to the Al Maktoum International Airport via the Jebel Ali Port straight to the Dubai Logistics corridor. Taking over as the economic zone, the DWC..Read More