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Home away form home

Home away from Home – a holidaying concept Ever felt like carrying a bit of your home away during your holidays, the need of carrying your comfort zone with you as you travel? A growing concept around the world, holiday home or vacation properties are accommodations used for holiday vacations. Such properties are typically small villas, cottages or apartments that vacationers can rent and run as if it were their own home, for the duration of their stay. When travelling with family or..Read More

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Dubai as a health and fitness destination

Dubai, as a city, is known for many things – healthcare is slowly becoming one of them. To get a more in-depth look into the health sector of Dubai, we interviewed a few key people from the health industry. “Dubai understands that healthcare is not simply about providing first-class hospitals, because health facilities are only one element of the wellness ecosystem. That’s why Dubai positions itself as an end-to-end experience: from a convenient global aviation hub, to premi..Read More