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TRAVEX is a web and mobile tool enabling the traveler to overcome his/her travel anxiety by providing filtered and relevant travel content and best booking service providers on a single platform. One thumb navigation and well cataloged architecture makes TRAVEX a convenient and efficient travel tool which simplifies planning and maximizes experience. We aim to influence and drive travelers and expats alike towards the best offerings of the city whether food, coffee, hotel, spa, nightlife, things to do, events, etc.

Travel tips, travel essentials, and review articles make TRAVEX a must have for every traveler and thereby a great advertising medium for retailers to reach out to the relevant and potential customers. 

TRAVEX is created as a genuine expression of - 'passion for travel' by its founder; and promises to “Simplify Planning, Maximize Experience!”

TRAVEX is powered by TRAVEX Advertising LLC (TAL) -  a successful Advertising & Marketing agency headquartered in Dubai which has successfully partnered and associated with global events IPs, brands and retailers; providing them with effective marketing and advertising statrgegies over the years.

We welcome you to the world of TRAVEX, and assure you of many exciting features in the near future..