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Dubai Taxi - Public Transport by RTA

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Dubai Taxi services run 24 - hours in the city, and can be easily booked as well by calling any of the following numbers. Kindly note that the colors are for differentiating the operator, however the fare and tariff are standardized.

Dubai Taxi (red roof)              04 208 0808
Al Arabia Taxi (green roof)     04 285 5566
City Taxi (white roof)              04 333 1110
Cars Taxi (blue roof)              04 269 3344
Metro Taxi (orange roof)        04 267 3222
National Taxi (yellow roof)     04 339 9000


Using Dubai Taxi

  • Meter start at AED 4.5, but the minimum fare payable is AED 12.
  • Booked Cabs start meter at AED 6.5.
  • Salik Charges are added to the meter of AED 4 while crossing over Certain Bridges and Roads.
  • Halla Taxi - Black Roof. Only for booked pick-ups, can’t be hired on road.
  • Special taxis are available for ladies and can be identified by their pink roof. The cars are driven by women from the airport and have extra baggage space and room for wheelchairs.

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